9 Best Air Purifiers For Small Rooms (2023 Review)

This is our review of the best air purifier for small rooms.

We have tested and compared all the best air purifiers for small rooms in the market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making the right purchase.

Let’s get started !

Best Air Purifiers For Small Rooms

1. LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier

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Levoit Core 300 Is a budget friendly product. While testing the product it is suitable for bedroom, sitting area and kitchen as well and perfect for an area upto 299 Sq Ft. It is a perfect air purifier suitable for any allergies, Pet hairs. It has Vortex Air technology which helps in reducing dust, pet dander heavily and the difference in the air quality can be noticed as soon as the machine starts working.

One of the fascinating features of the product is that it is completely ozone free which makes this product an attractive one. The product comes with a high efficiency activated carbon filter along with the Pre Filter which ensures multi layered cleaning.

The product design easily blends with any room type. Design finish and quality are premium. The product comes with feathered touch screen control mode along with automatic timers of 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h and On/Off Buttons. It has multiple fan levels and other interesting features.

Product had an eminent CADR rating in this segment. The machine is just like the mother who doesn’t disturb you while sleeping as it hardly makes any disturbing noise at night. If you want a budget friendly and less space consuming purifier then Levoit core 300 could be an incredible choice as it user friendly with so many high quality features.


• During the smoke test the product found little disappointing as it was not able to work that great with smoke
• Doesn’t help with cigarette smell.

2. LEVOIT Core 200S

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Levoit Core 200S is an affordable yet high qualitative product perfect for mid size room. It comes with Alexa, Vesync and Google assistant control tech which makes it smartly accessible and a high tech gadget. It is working great and has proven best fit for Allergies, Pets, Smoke, Dust, Pollen and its ozone free technology is highly impressive.

The product also comes with a high efficiency activated carbon filter also with H13 true Hepa filter accompanied by Pre Filter for deep and multi layered purification. We tested the product in a 190-200 sqft area and the results were satisfactory.

Features and appearance: Design and features of the product are highly impressive. With a premium white look it comes with touch screen facility with multiple options in the interface like Wifi, Night light, Automatic 2h, 4h, 8h timers, Single touch light deactivating option and fan control settings.

For effective results it’s been instructed to switch on the product on maximum levels for 15-20 minutes and after that the changes will be noticed. Via Vesync app it could be controlled smartly like it could create schedules, Turned On/Off, Set timers, and filter life could also be checked. During the first installation kindly unwrap the filter as instructed because it comes wrapped in decent packing.


• At nights whirring could be noticed on its top speed but it worked fine on one down or two down of the top speeds and apart from that it
• Not very helpful in larger room but perfectly fine for small rooms


No products found.

Levoit LV-H128 is a nano size yet budget friendly powerful machine. It is working perfectly fine in a small size room & its sponge fragrance adds extra glory to the product. During testing it was noticed that it has successfully eradicated allergies, Smoke, Pet Dander, Odor and Dust. It is perfect for any place and could be used in Bedroom, Kitchen, office or any indoor place. During the billing period it has been observed that the power consumption while using this product is little less which saves a few bucks on monthly electricity bills, so by installing this product some extra savings could be maintained. Hence it could be comprehended as a pocket friendly machine too.

It’s a premium design machine with an easy interface. In this budget it’s a powerful machine with a 3 stage filtration system with dual sided HEPA filters with 3.3 Pound weight. It’s a simple features machine with one button control for most of the settings.

For better results it has been instructed to keep the machine on for at least 20 Minutes on high settings and during the initial operations only the difference in the room air quality will be noticed. It has provided good results for the people dealing with dust sensitivity or nose allergies.


• Not much helpful in terms of cigarette smell. If you smoke or have someone who smokes then the purifier is gonna disappoint you little.
• The sponge fragrance doesn’t last that longer as it should.

4. LEVOIT C161-WUS Air Purifier

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Levoit C161-WUS is a certified portable air purifier. While testing it has provided good results for the people dealing with Allergies, Pet Dander, Odor & Dust and was suitable for office, room and kitchen.

It comes with 3 Stage Filtration technique along with an additional aromatherapy and with Vortex air Technology. During the testing in house of Cats it had proven effective results. During the initial cleaning process only the cat allergic symptoms were reduced. The device resulted in 95% less cat hairs.

The design is fascinating and all the features are user friendly as it has an easy interface of only 3 single touch buttons on the top.

The positive side of the device is that the noise levels are highly impressive. It is almost non audible and it doesn’t affect the sleep at all. During the test it has been noticed that the product is portable but the results are inexplicably good.


• Unable to give good results dealing with Sinus even after lowering it down.
• Power cord is not that good.

5. LEVOIT Vista 200 Air Purifier

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Levoit Vista 200 is an affordable budget friendly machine with simplistic user friendly features. It has been tested in the area of 210 Sqft and was capable enough to eradicate the unwanted elements.

It has given effective results to the people struggling with dry throats, nightly congestion, allergies, and asthma. After analysing the product it was found to be energy efficient and suitable for small size bedrooms and Kitchen too.

Design is simplistic but features are simple. It has a 3 stages filtration process with touch screen interface including Adjustable timers, Night light, Speed levels, Filter check indicators.

Positive feature of the machine is that it has provided good results in smoke and has successfully eradicated smoke odor in a room of 210 sq ft.

It has successfully passed the noise test. During the test it was found to be a non-disturbing machine and doesn’t disturb at all in the night. At last it’s an efficient machine in this price range


• Some issues with the filter change light are observed in some products. In some products it was found that even after the filter change the light indicators stayed on.
• Doesn’t help in eradicating cigarette smell.

6. Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier

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Levoit VITAL 100 is a high performance smart machine perfect for Small rooms. The device is capable enough to eradicate Smoke, Pet dander, Pollen, Dust ETC. The machine is suitable for Room, Kitchen & Office area too. It comes with high-efficiency activating carbon filters and is ozone free. While testing it has reduced pollution and dust levels drastically.

The machine interface is easy to operate. With feathered touchscreen control mode, it has an On/Off button along with automated 2h,4h, 6h,8h, timer, Fan levels and Pause buttons. For maximum cleaning, leave the machine on running mode for at least 20-30 Minutes on maximum levels.

The machine is tested in the house of pets and is considered safe in the house of pets. After installation, the device has resulted in fewer pet allergies, fewer pet hairs and fewer pet dander.

While testing it was noticed that the machine is perfect for cleaning heavy dust and it is suitable for dealing lung related allergies as well. For high performance and features on a budget, the product is recommended.


  • Whirring sound detected on top speed in some products.
  • Not completely helpful in eradicating cigarette smell.

7. Honeywell HPA3100 Air Purifier

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Honeywell HPA3100 is another high features yet affordable air purifier perfect for small room. It is tested for heavy smoke, Wildfire, Pollen, Pet Hairs, Pet Dander, Dust mites debris & Dust. The device is suitable for Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen or any large area. The Product was capable enough to clean the area of 330 Sq Ft effectively.

The device design and features are user friendly. All the features like Power, Timer, and Light are available at the top of the device. The size of the machine is not big or small. It is instructed that for maximum results leave the machine running for 20 minutes at maximum speed levels.

The device has been tested in the house of cats and has resulted in less pet hairs and pet dander. The product has been tested safe for the people having nasal allergies too.

While testing the sound levels, it was found that it’s a no noise machine and doesn’t make any harsh-sounding noise at night while functioning.


  • Device top could get faulty if anything falls in the machine from the top.
  • No VOC Sensor.

8. Honeywell HPA160 Air Purifier

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Honeywell HPA160 is a stylish air purifier perfect for small rooms. The device is suitable to deal with heavy smoke, Wildfire, Pollen, Pet Dander, and Dust & is perfect for medium or large size bedrooms. While testing, it has cleaned the area of 270 Sqft effectively.

The device has a compact design and features. The look is great and it consumes very less space. In sleek design, all the options like Power, Fan (High, Medium, Low) Turbo, 2h, 4h, 8h timers, Filter and Pre-filter checking indicator are available at the top of the device. For effective results leave the machine running for minimum 20-25 minutes on maximum levels.

The device is completely pet friendly. It has been tested in the house of two cats and after using the product for more than a month a notable change in breathing has been maintained along with less hair and dander. The device has been tested for cat allergies as well.

The device has been tested in the house of an asthma patient and people having breathing allergies and found safe for them.

The device has also passed the noise test. It doesn’t produce whirring or any sleep-affecting sound at night.

Overall the device has provided good results in almost every parameter checked and is worth buying.

  • Little expensive
  • The indicator light could have been a little less brightening.

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