Best Air Purifier Under $150

This is our review of the best air purifier under $150.

We have tested and compared all the best air purifiers on the market. After that, we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making the right purchase

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Best Air Purifier Under $150

1. Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier

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Levoit Core 200S is a stylish budget friendly yet highly qualitative product. The machine comes with fascinating features like Alexa, Vesync and Google assistant control tech which makes it a smart high tech gadget. It has proven results in dealing with Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Pollen and Pets. Its ozone-free technology makes the product more health friendly. We tested the product in 260 sqft area and the results were great.

With premium designs and features, the machine comes with touch screen control mode along with On/Off buttons, Wifi, Automatic 2h, 4h, 8h timers, Night light, Single touch light deactivating option and fan control options. For effective results, it is instructed to leave the machine in running mode on maximum levels for 15-20 minutes. Via the Vesync app, it could be controlled smartly like it could create schedules, Turned On/Off, and Set timers, with a filter checking option.


  • Whirring is noticeable at top speed at night if placed nearby the bed but it worked fine on one down or two down of the top speeds.
  • Not very helpful for a large area.

2. Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

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Levoit core 300 is another smart device in this price range. It has a multilayered cleaning facility with a high-efficiency carbon filter. It has Vortex Air technology which is highly impactful in dealing with pet dander, Heavy dust and dust. One of the amazing features of the product is that it is completely Ozone free.

The product is not bulky or space-consuming, it fits in any room type. The features are truly impressive like touch control mode, Power options, Timers ETC. The touch control mode is smooth. On/Off, timers (2h, 4h, 6h, 8h), Night Light, Fan Levels control, Lock ETC are also easy-to-use settings.

Machine sound levels are surprising as it’s no noise-making machine. At night the sound isn’t very much noticeable. Overall Levoit Core 300S is a good product and has a good reputation in the market and in this price range, it’s a smart budget-friendly product.


  • Not very effective in dealing with heavy dust.
  • Sensor issues detected in some products.

3. Levoit LAP C161 Air Purifier

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Levoit LAP-C161-WUS is a portable pet-friendly machine on a budget. It is suitable for limited areas like bedrooms, Kitchens or small offices and capable enough to deal with pet dander and apart from that it is tested in terms of dealing with smoke, dust Etc.

The machine comes with Vortex air technology along with 3 Stage Filtration techniques accompanied by aromatherapy. It is tested in the house of Cats & it has lowered cat hairs and other related odors by 95%.

It has an easy interface with only 3 buttons at the top. The noise levels are also satisfactory as it doesn’t produce any harsh or noticeable sound while running.

At this price, range device results were found satisfactory in the market.


  • Not helpful in dealing with Sinus.
  • The power cord is weak.

4. Clorox 11031 Air Purifier

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Clorox 11031 is a user-friendly smart air purifier available in the price range of $129. The device perfectly deals with Viruses, Wildfire Smoke, Mold, Allergies, Pollen, Dust mite debris, Pet Hairs and Pet dander. While testing, it was found that the device has cleaned the area of 900 Sqft Effectively.

The design and features of the machine are easy & user-friendly. With Air quality sensors & Alexa control, all the inputs like power, Wifi, fan levels, Light, Lock, and Auto Mode are available at the top and apart from that the machine adjusts itself as per the quality of the room. For maximum cleaning, results leave the machine running for a minimum of 30 Minutes at top speed.
The device has been tested in the house of dogs and after use, it has resulted in fewer pet hairs and fewer pet dander.

The device has also passed the noise test. When the machine was tested at night, it was noticeable but not loud. Overall it hadn’t affected sleep anyhow. Overall the device has good results and is worth buying.


  • Not helpful in a larger area
  • Not helpful in an open area

5. Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier

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Levoit VITAL 100 is a high performance smart machine perfect for Bedrooms, Kitchens or any room. While testing it was found helpful in terms of eradicating Smoke, Pet dander, Pollen, Dust ETC. It is safe for pets and a perfect pet hair removal tool. It comes with high-efficiency activating carbon filters and is ozone free. While testing it has reduced pollution and dust levels drastically.

The machine interface is easy to operate. With feathered touchscreen control mode, it has an On/Off button along with automated 2h,4h, 6h,8h, timer, Fan levels and Pause buttons. For maximum cleaning leave the machine running for 20-30 Minutes. While testing it was noticed that the machine is perfect for cleaning heavy dust and it is suitable for dealing with any lung-related allergies like COPD Etc. For high performance and features on a budget, the product is recommended.


  • Slight Whirring sound was detected at top speed in some products.
  • Not helping in eradicating cigarette smell.

6. AMEIFU H13 Air Purifier

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AMEIFU H13 is a high features air purifier available at the price range of $129. The device perfectly deals with dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and hectic smells & it comes with an aromatherapy diffuser. It is perfect for the room and kitchen. While doing the area analysis the device has cleaned the area of 850 Sqft effectively.

The device has a simple design and user-friendly features. With a stylish display, all the options like Power, Fan, Auto, Time, Light, 2h, 4h, 8h timer, Wind speed button, Filter alert Led, Filter replacement indicators and automatic mode are available at the top of the device. For utmost results leave the machine running for at least 30 minutes.

The machine has been tested in the house of pets and was found safe.
While testing the device at night the sound was there but it hadn’t disturbed sleep. Overall on a budget, it’s a good product and is worth buying.


  • Not helpful in eradicating cigarette smell completely

7. Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

Levoit LV H-132 is a FCC Certified ETL listed air purifier. While testing the product it was observed that it is perfectly suitable for smoke, Dust, Mold and Pollen. It was suitable for Room, Kitchen and office. The added advantage of the product is that it is ozone free.

During the test it was working well for people having allergies and asthma apart from this it is suitable for Pets and children too. It comes with a 3 Stage filtration process and for long-lasting functioning, it is instructed to use genuine filter replacements. It is advised to unwrap the filter wrapping while reinstallation.

The machine has a premium design and features a stylish interface. It has multiple fans with adjustable speeds with Low, Medium and High Speeds along with a smart filter change system which indicates filter change reminders. For maximum cleaning switch on the machine for 20 minutes on top speed to notice the change and during purification clean air release adds extra glory to the product. It is almost no noise machine and at night it is almost noiseless.


  • Helps with smoke but is not very effective if someone has any chain smokers in the house.
  • Doesn’t help people who have sinuses.

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