Top 6 Best Bidet For Women (2023 Review)

This is our review of the best bidet for women.

We have tested and compared all the best bidets for women in the market. After that, we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you make the right purchase.

Let’s get started!

Best Bidet For Women

1. Coway Bidetmega 400 Electronic Bidet Seat

The winner of 1st position of our list is Coway Bidetmega 400 Electronic Bidet Seat.

One of the best Coway bidets we tested for this article was the Bidetmega 400 Electronic Bidet Seat. This one won since it obtained excellent grades in all categories except warranties. It only comes with the industry-standard one-year guarantee.

What we liked about this product:

  • In the testing, the Bidetmega 400 heated water to a pleasant 97 degrees Fahrenheit and created strong enough pressure to clean thoroughly.
  • To customize the water flow to your preferences, there are also four temperature settings and three pressure levels.
  • The toilet seat fits well and stays in place. It is broader than most, which we liked. The seat lid was very supportive and comfy to sit on.
  • The blue night light lights the toilet bowl, making it visible in the dark.
  • The dryer has four heat settings and gets rather hot. It dries quickly after washing, reducing the need for toilet paper.

Even though it came in the first rank, this product has one disadvantage. The downsides are that the remote doesn’t pair with the seat automatically and that it has a short one-year guarantee. 

2. Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Seat

The next one on our list is from Bio Bidet. Next on our list is Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Seat.

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Seat did well in all of the test categories. It has a stainless-steel-like aesthetic that is appealing. The remote control is the most lavish we’ve seen thanks to its large, easy-to-read screen.

What we liked about this product:

  • It just took us a few minutes to install everything.
  • We value the mounting plate’s ability to restrict the seat from swaying.
  • The guarantee for the Bio Bidet Bliss is a three-year, full-coverage warranty.
  • Nozzles can be adjusted: You can use the remote to move the nozzles forward or backward.
  • Simple to clean: Care instructions are printed on a sticker that is located below the lid, saving you the trouble of having to quickly consult the handbook.

The nightlight and the complicated operation were the major drawbacks we could see. The BB2000’s night light is on the side, lighting the on-seat controls, as opposed to being in the toilet bowl. 

Additionally, we didn’t think the remote control was simple to use. The remote icons might need some improvement in terms of clarity.

3. Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

No products found.

At 3 position our winner is Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat.

The fact that the water in the nozzles escapes as you sit down astonished us the most. Three options are available, from a focused clean to a more thorough wash.

Additionally, you may modify the water pressure, which gets rather intense, as with other bidet seats. More than other electric seats, the Omigo Luxury has seven nozzle positions in both the front and back. As an alternative, you might make the nozzle oscillate.

What we liked about this product:

  • A sterilization mode is available.
  • It is pleasant, simple to set up, and has the greatest customer service.
  • The air drier and heated seats were likewise as warm as we liked them.
  • With a fantastic three-year guarantee, the Omigo Luxury is built to last.
  • The remote is simple to use.

The lid design, in our opinion, is a major drawback. Its weight capacity is 270 pounds, but it’s uncomfortable to sit on because of how far forward it’s slanted. Don’t expect to sit on the lid while doing other things, such as trimming your toenails, even if the seat is comfortable and can support up to 330 pounds.

4. Brondell LE89 Swash Electronic Bidet Seat

Number 4 on our list is going to be the Brondell LE89 Swash Electronic Bidet Seat which has many high-end features—including heated seating, hot air drying, and warm water cleaning—without a high-end price.

The LE89 Swash Electronic Bidet Seat performed almost as well throughout testing for less than half the cost. The water heated up to a record-breaking 101 degrees Fahrenheit during our testing, which really amazed us.

What we liked about this product:

  • Both the air drier and the heated seat reached high temperatures.
  • There are many comfort settings available, so you can pick lower temperatures or even Eco Mode, which strikes a nice balance between comfort and power usage.
  • It was simpler to install this one.
  • We like how tightly and immobile the seat fit the toilet bowl.
  • It has very good aesthetics.

We discovered that the pressure may have been higher. No remote is provided, which might be problematic for people with mobility concerns.

It is uncomfortable to sit on the lid.

5. Brondell Swash 1400

The number 5 position in our list goes to Brondell Swash 1400, which features two distinct stainless steel nozzles for front and back cleaning.

You may modify the temperature and pressure as well as the amount of coverage you obtain due to the three variable spray widths. Additionally, there are a whopping seven distinct nozzle locations to choose from. There will be no wiggling to achieve the required target.

What we liked about this product:

  • Installation went smoothly.
  • Once you’ve discovered the ideal settings, you may save them as a user preset, and the bidet will keep them in mind.
  • The bidet will return the water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position to your preferred settings with the push of a button.
  • This bidet includes self-cleaning nozzles, however, the Brondell Swash sterilizes the nozzles with silver nanoparticles rather than merely washing them with water.
  • The bidet contains a detachable carbon deodorizer that actively absorbs scents rather than merely masking them to deal with any unpleasant odors.

The product’s underwhelming pressure is one of the drawbacks that we discovered when evaluating it. Additionally, if relying just on the night light, it is hard to see the buttons for usage. If it repeatedly cleans itself every time you sit, we believe it is a waste of water.

6. Luxe Bidet Neo 320

The next bidet on our list may come as a surprise to some of you, and the reason is quite simple. Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is in the 6th position on our list.

 The luxe attachment is the ideal choice if you want a low-cost, no-frills alternative. As an attachment, it doesn’t completely replace your toilet seat like the alternatives mentioned above. The luxurious bidet is placed between your toilet seat and the actual toilet.

What we liked about this product:

  • The Luxe 320 includes two nozzles: one for washing the back of your vehicle and another, gentler nozzle, for cleaning the front end.
  • The nozzles will automatically retract once you’re done using the bidet behind the built-in guard gate to keep them out of the way of general dirt and unwelcome splashes.
  • The self-cleaning mode, which you may engage in whenever you choose, is another aspect of hygiene. The bidet fully rinses the nozzles with fresh water when you turn it on.
  • The best part is that, despite the fact that this is a non-electric bidet, you still have access to hot water through a sink connection.

We identified the hot water problems as the drawbacks. The water is not as hot as expected. Also, the controls are difficult to see.


Hope the information above was useful.

Most of the qualities of contemporary bidets are shared by men and women. However, there are a few characteristics that ladies should think about before making a purchase.

Just so happens that the models indicated above are the best based on our personal research, owner interviews, and review reading. It’s all done for now. Gracias for reading!

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