Top 6 Best Bidets Under $100

This is our review of the best bidets under $100.

We have tested and compared all the best bidets under $100 in the market. After that, we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you make the right purchase.

Let’s get started!

Best Bidets Under $100

1. Brondell SWASH ‎S101 Non-Electric Swash Ecoseat

And the first one is finally here. Finally, the wait is over and the winner of 1st position is Brondell SWASH ECO in the list of best bidets under $100.

Immerse yourself in a refreshing and revitalizing experience with this Bidet. Enjoy a soothing freshwater wash that leaves you feeling clean and rejuvenated. The best part is, it’s an economical bidet that requires no electricity or batteries. With its dual nozzles for rear and front washes, gentle closing seat, and sturdy, settable lid, it provides comfort and convenience. Designed to fit elongated toilets, it complements any bathroom with its sleek appearance. The textured chrome dial accent adds a touch of elegance to elevate your home spa experience to a whole new level.

What we liked about the product:

  • It has a heated seat and an automated deodorizer, as well as adjustable water temperature and pressure.
  • The SWASH ECO model has energy-saving features including a standby power mode and a nightlight that can be set to turn off after a specified amount of time.
  • It also boasts a sleek, modern appearance that will blend in with any bathroom decor.


Non-electric bidet.

2. Delta Faucet 833004-WH Refresh Elongated Bidet

The next one on our list is from Delta. Next on our list is the Delta Faucet Refresh Elongated Bidet in the list of best bidets under $100.

Experience a fresh and comfortable cleanse every day with this innovative Bidet. Its two revitalizing sprays, accompanied by self-cleaning wands, automatically rinse and retract after use, ensuring hygiene and convenience. As a non-electric bidet toilet seat, it eliminates the need for a wall outlet connection. Simple to install, just attach the bidet hose to the water supply and control the cleansing process manually using the rotating knob. Enjoy a hassle-free, refreshing experience without the need for electrical connections.

What we liked about the product:

  • The bidet toilet seat has front and rear spray options that automatically rinse and retract with self-cleaning wands.
  • It doesn’t need electricity, so you only need to connect it to the water supply and control it manually with a knob.
  • Installing and removing the seat is easy with a quick-release system, and it fits most elongated toilets.
  • The seat also has slow-closing hinges and pre-installed bumpers to prevent slamming and minimize movement during use.


We found the water pressure to be a bit low.

3. American Standard 5900A05G.020 Aqua Wash

Number 4 on our list will be the American Standard Aqua Wash in the list of best bidets under $100.

The Aqua Wash bidet by American Standard is a bidet toilet seat attachment that can be readily placed on most standard toilets. The product features distinct feminine and posterior cleaning nozzles, meticulously designed to guarantee comprehensive cleansing. Its gentle and noiseless operation prevents slamming. The user-friendly controls enable easy adjustments for the spray volume, ensuring confident and effective cleansing. Moreover, the one-push removable seat facilitates quick and convenient cleaning of both the seat and bowl.

What we liked about the product:

  • Non-electric bidet with variable spray volume.
  • Dual self-cleaning nozzles for excellent front and back cleaning.
  • Removable seat with a single push for more superficial cleaning of the seat and bowl.


Not much of a drawback.

4. KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Bidet

The number 5 position in our list goes to KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Bidet in the list of best bidets under $100.

The bidet boasts a lid that closes gently and silently, avoiding any slamming noise. Its side handle enables you to adjust water intensity and spray position manually, eliminating the need for electricity. Additionally, the bidet’s self-cleaning wand ensures optimal hygiene by automatically rinsing after each use. For added stability, grip-tight bumpers prevent the toilet seat from shifting during use. The ergonomically contoured, closed-front toilet seat with an elongated surface provides enhanced comfort. Lastly, a single wand is responsible for providing ambient-water cleansing, making the whole experience even more enjoyable and refreshing.

What we liked about the product:

  • The manually operated handle requires no batteries or electrical power.
  • The lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming, and the quick-release hinges make it easy to remove for cleaning without tools.
  • The seat is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating and has grip-tight bumpers to hold it firmly in place.
  • It fits most elongated toilets and comes with all hoses and connections required for installation, which requires a Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench.
  • The material used is plastic.


The seat is slightly narrow.

5. JEP JEP101 Round Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet

The next bidet on our list may surprise some of you, and the reason is quite simple. JEP Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet is in the 6th position in the list of best bidets under $100.

Experience a refreshing wash with the dual-nozzle manual bidet, leaving you feeling clean and rejuvenated. No electricity or batteries are needed for this durable bidet seat, made from premium-quality plastic designed to last a lifetime. The JP101 bidet adds comfort, style, and cleanliness to your existing toilet seat, with a sleek and accommodating design that fits most toilet seats. Its convenient hose allows you to select your preferred spray pattern, adjust and detach the nozzle, and sanitize, all with minimal effort. This manual system operates seamlessly without requiring any power.

What we liked about the product:

  • You can adjust and detach the nozzle using the convenient hose and sanitize it with minimal effort.
  • The manually operated system doesn’t require power and provides a gentle stream for both front and rear areas, giving a full and hygienic wash.
  • The lid has slow-close hinges to prevent slamming, and the seat is easily removable for cleaning.
  • The bidet is easy to install and remove, has warm water streams, and promotes excellent hygiene.
  • It’s a simple and transformative option for your everyday bathroom needs.


The material is plastic.

6. LUXE Neo 320

In 3rd position, our winner is LUXE Neo 320 in the list of best bidets under $100.

The bidet offers two distinct washing options: a stronger rear spray and a gentler front spray for feminine use. The feminine wash is especially beneficial during monthly cycles and for new or expecting mothers. To ensure utmost hygiene, a guard gate shields the nozzles, and they automatically retract behind it after each wash, staying protected until the next use. Additionally, the bidet is built with high-pressure valves featuring metal-ceramic cores and steel hoses, enhancing its durability and performance compared to plastic alternatives.

What we liked about the product:

  • The Neo 320 has a twin nozzle system that can clean both the front and back of the machine.
  • The seat includes an integrated heating element that delivers a pleasant and comfortable seating experience.
  • The user may customize the water temperature and pressure to their satisfaction


Installation takes time.

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