Top 6 Best Bidets Under $500 (2023 Review)

This is our review of the best bidet under $500.

We have tested and compared all the best bidets under $500 in the market. After that, we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you make the right purchase.

Let’s get started!

Best Bidets Under $500

1. Brondell SWASH 1200

And the first one is finally here. Finally, the wait is over and the winner of 1st position is Brondell SWASH 1200.

It’s advertised as a premium bidet, but we’re not convinced. The S1200 is an unusual beast in that it provides various luxury amenities while lacking characteristics seen in even the most basic bidets.

What we liked about the product:

  • The instantaneous ceramic core heater provides instant and limitless warm water.
  • Wireless remote that is simple and easy to use.
  • The lid is sturdy and sits well.
  • a broad spray (spray width settings).
  • A nozzle that cleans itself automatically.


The remote isn’t as showy as some of the other devices mentioned in this article. One of the most typical traits is the absence of an oscillating nozzle.

2. Alpha JX Electric Bidet

The next one on our list is from Alpha. Next on our list is Alpha JX Electric Bidet.

The Alpha JX bidet seat is one of the best bidet alternatives in this price range. It is the only bidet in this review that provides both unlimited warm water and an antibacterial nozzle.

What we liked about the product:

  • A Tankless heater provides endless hot water.
  • Slim, low-profile design that operates quietly.
  • Aluminum wash nozzle that cleans itself.
  • LED nightlight in white with ambient light sensor.


The water pressure in this bidet is really low. While testing, the bidet spiked the electricity and trip the breaker every time it was used.

3. Bio Bidet by Bemis Slim One Bidet

At 3 position our winner is Bio Bidet by Bemis Slim One Bidet.

This complete bidet seat features a stainless steel oscillating nozzle with feminine, posterior, and kid cleaning angles, as well as wide, turbo, and massage options.

What we liked about the product:

  • Other prominent features include a soft-close lid, a heated seat, and a nightlight for restroom excursions in the middle of the night.
  • A body sensor detects when someone sits down, preventing it from activating needlessly.
  • The Slim One has a simple button control panel.


The disadvantage of this product is that it lacks a wireless remote and has a short power cable.

4. Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Elongated Bidet

Number 4 on our list is going to be the Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Elongated Bidet.

You’ll never be shocked by cold water splashing your genital regions if you use the Brondell Swash Bidet Toilet Seat.

What we liked about the product:

  • It has a ceramic core heating system as well as an ergonomic heated seat. It offers seven cleaning angles.
  • It has a ceramic core heating system as well as an ergonomic heated seat.
  • Multiple user memory settings, an adjustable warm air dryer, a built-in nightlight, self-sterilizing nozzles, a changeable deodorizer, and a concealed pocket for the charging cable are all included.


The power cord is not long enough.

5. Toto C100 Washlet Electronic Bidet

The number 5 position in our list goes to Toto C100 Washlet Electronic Bidet.

If you want your bidet seat’s drier to be powerful enough to do its job but not so powerful that it ends up spilling toilet water, we prefer the Toto C100 Washlet Electronic Bidet as the next best bidet under $500.

What we liked about the product:

  • The Toto C100 Washlet gets it right with three speeds that blow at the correct angle.
  • There are three warming degrees available for the cleaning function, and the seat itself heats up for optimal comfort.
  • Front and rear nozzles are also included, as is an easy-to-use control panel with memory settings.


Strong pressure hurts. Soft pressure will not get you clean. There is also no wireless remote.

6. VOVO STYLEMENT VB-6100SR Electronic Bidet

The next bidet on our list may come as a surprise to some of you, and the reason is quite simple. VOVO STYLEMENT VB-6100SR Electronic Bidet is in the 6th position on our list.

The Vovo Stylement Bidet features a three-hole stainless steel nozzle with feminine, posterior, and turbo cleaning capabilities.

What we liked about the product:

  • You may customize the angle, water pressure, and warmth to your satisfaction. As an extra benefit, the abundance of smart functions crammed into one single seat make using – and cleaning – a pleasure.
  • It contains a warm air drier, an air purifier, an LED light incorporated into the bowl, a remote control, a one-touch energy-saving mode, and a UV sterilization system that disinfects the bowl after each use.


There are no memory settings. Minute leaking in the O ring.

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