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I have given 6 methods in this article to fix your Bose earbuds not working problem. Whether your right or left Bose earbud is not working, you can apply the method which have described below and fix your Bose earbud.

Did You Know: The Bose earbuds can provide up to six hours of playback time with a quick 15-minute charge.

Bose Earbuds Malfunctioning Solutions

1) Very Low Volume Or No Sound 

Bose earbuds are a popular choice for music lovers who want to experience high-quality sound without the hassle of wires.

Experiencing low sound or no sound problem from tour Bose earbuds can be very frustrating. But there are some simple solutions that will help you troubleshoot and resolve this problem.


Firstly, ensure that the volume on your earbuds is turned to the maximum level.  If the volume is already at the maximum, try cleaning the earbuds’ mesh with a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush.

 Debris and dirt can accumulate on the mesh, which can reduce the volume or block the sound completely.

If cleaning the mesh doesn’t work, try resetting your earbuds by pressing and holding the power button for ten seconds. This may help restore your earbuds’ functionality.

2) Charging Problem

It’s crucial to ensure that you charge the earbuds fully before using them. If your Bose earbuds are not charging properly it can be a sign of few other issues .

It could be a problem with the charging case, the charging cable, or the earbuds themselves. 

Do not worry by following a few simple steps you can charge your Bose earbuds properly without any charging issue.


Make sure that the charging cable is correctly plugged into the charging case and that the case has enough battery life to charge the earbuds. 

clean the charging slots  on the earbuds and charging case with a dry cotton cloth or  swab.

 If still the issue continues, try using a different charging cable or wall adapter to see if that solves the problem.

3) Bad Audio Quality

 If you notice that your Bose earbuds are producing low sound quality or distorted audio, it could be an indication of a problem with the earbuds themselves. 

This can be due to a variety of reasons such as damage to the earbuds, wear and tear or issues with the mechanics of the earbuds.


 First,check the volume level on your Bose earbuds  and make sure it is at the maximum level.

 If the volume is already at the maximum level, then clean the earbud’s mesh with the help of  a  brush or a toothbrush.

Secondly, try to reset your earbuds, update the firmware ,reconnect to the android or the mac device you are using and ensure that they are clean and free from any dirt that may be affecting the sound quality. 

4) Poor Bluetooth Connectivity

If you’re having trouble connecting your Bose earbuds to your device via Bluetooth, it can be frustrating. 

Sometimes, the earbuds may not connect at all, or the connection can be very laggy, causing audio to drop out or skip.


Firstly, ensure that your earbuds are fully charged and paired appropriately with your device. 

 Secondly, verify that your device’s Bluetooth settings are active and updated to the latest version.

If the issue continues, attempt moving your device closer to your earbuds or removing any barriers between them.

5) Earbuds Not Fitting Properly

Sometimes, earbuds can feel uncomfortable or they do not fit well , making it difficult to enjoy your music. 

Earbuds not fitting is also a common problem among many bose earbuds user.


 Bose earbuds come with multiple sizes of ear tips, so try different sizes to find the best fit for your ear.

 Ensure that the ear tips are clean and free of dust  and adjust the earbud’s position in your ear to find the most comfortable position.

6) Contact Bose Customer Care Team

If none of the above steps work, contact the Bose  customer care team. They will be able to provide you with additional troubleshooting steps and may be able to replace the earbuds if they are faulty.


Bose earbuds are high-quality devices designed to provide an excellent listening experience.

 However, they may encounter problems that can hinder their performance.

 By following the solutions listed above, you can troubleshoot and resolve some common issues and enjoy your music without interruption. 

If you continue to experience problems with your Bose earbuds, reach out to Bose customer service for further assistance.

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