Why Are TCL TVs So Cheap? (Explained With Reasons)

TCL is a Chinese electronics company that has gained a reputation for producing affordable televisions. Many people wonder why TCL TVs are so cheap compared to other brands. In this essay, we will explore the reasons behind TCL’s low prices.

1) Lower Labor Costs

labor costs in China are lower than in other countries. TCL is a Chinese company, and they benefit from this cost advantage.

The cost of labor is a significant factor in the manufacturing process, and companies that have operations in countries with lower labor costs can produce products at a lower cost. TCL leverages this advantage and is able to keep its prices low.

2) In-House Manufacturing

TCL has its own factories. Having in-house manufacturing operations allows companies to have greater control over the manufacturing process, and this can lead to cost savings.

TCL’s factories produce components and assemble TVs, which helps to reduce costs. Furthermore, TCL can ensure that the production process is efficient, and this reduces waste and costs.

3) Economies Of Scale

TCL is one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world. This gives the company significant purchasing power when it comes to raw materials and components.

When purchasing materials in bulk, companies can get better prices, and this can lead to cost savings. TCL’s scale allows the company to take advantage of economies of scale and keep costs low.

4) Limited Marketing Budget

TCL does not spend as much on marketing and advertising as some of its competitors. The company relies on word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews to promote its products.

This helps to keep its overall costs lower, and these savings are passed on to consumers in the form of lower prices.

5) Direct-To-Consumer Sales

TCL sells many of its TVs directly to consumers through online retailers like Amazon. This cuts down on distribution costs and allows the company to sell its products at a lower price point.

Direct-to-consumer sales also give TCL greater control over its distribution process, and this can lead to more efficient operations and cost savings.


It’s important to note that while TCL TVs are cheaper than some of its competitors, this does not mean that they are of lower quality. TCL is known for producing TVs that offer good performance and features. In fact, some experts have praised TCL’s TVs for their high-quality displays and features like built-in Roku streaming.

TCL’s ability to offer affordable televisions is due to a combination of factors. The company benefits from lower labor costs in China, has its own factories, takes advantage of economies of scale, spends less on marketing and advertising, and sells its products directly to consumers.

These factors contribute to TCL’s ability to produce TVs at a lower cost, and these savings are passed on to consumers in the form of lower prices. Despite their affordability, TCL TVs offer good performance and features and are a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers.

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