Why Is YouTube Not Letting Me Skip Ads? (2023 Explained)

This is a technique of YouTube to encourage content creators to select its non-skippable ads in their content. YouTube wants content creators and advertisers to use non-skippable ads that provide content creators an opportunity to increase revenue, as advertisers reach their target audiences.

Remember that the Google owns the video platform and it likes combining user searches into its ad targeting algorithms.

When Did YouTube Start Showing Non-Skippable Ads?

Previously, YouTube only allowed select partners to place non-skippable ads.

But later, it made availability of non-skippable ads for all content creators and advertisers till the end of August 2018. The announcement changed the advertising game for all content producers and advisors.

This advertising plan appeared to be another source of money for YouTube and Google. In fact it could have acted like a money printing machine for Google and YouTube.

The better the ad, the more likely a video watcher will see the full ad. These things will result in the content creators being able to generate more revenue and for the advertisers there will be more awareness of their brand among the people.

But in reality advertisers and content creators can still opt for skippable ads but if they take one such step then they will not get any benefit and their brand awareness for advertisers will also not increase that much.

Why Can I Not Skip Ads that Should be Skippable?

If you can’t click “Skip Ad” on a YouTube video, it may be a problem with your browser and not YouTube.

The possibility that you are unable to skip Skippable Ads is because of a plugin extension that is installed inside your browser.

The solution is to turn off your browser extension and then check if skip button is visible or not. For this, you should now open other videos also and see whether the skip button is visible in the bottom right corner or not.

Where Did the “Skip Ad” Button Go?

If you have opened a video and it does not have a skip ad button, then it is likely that you cannot skip ads in these videos at all. For ads in videos that can’t be skipped, there is a timer which means that your video will start after this number of seconds.

This was done to help pay the content creators by creating non-skippable ads or timer ads before your YouTube videos start. Your favorite channel can only use it as monetary income to sustain itself.

These ads are sometimes disturbing and irritating.

Differences Between Skippable and Non-Skippable Youtube Ads:

Skippable Ads:

Usually it only appears at the beginning of the video.

This is a great way to boost YouTube advertising for beginners, due to its versatility.

This investment is less risky for advertisers because charges are taken when the ad goes in any of these situations:

  • The ad runs for more than 30 seconds.
  • A viewer view the ad till it ends.
  • When a viewer performs the activity of clicking on the ad and being redirected to the product page.

Apart from this, these ads reach a long and wide audience. The advertiser who gives the advertisement gets more benefit of making his/her brand more aware.

When it comes to duration, skippable ads can last for minutes, while non-skippable ads has an upper limit.

Non-Skippable Ads:

These ads have a time limit and will start with a 30-second time.

This has been modified to 20 seconds to limit ads.

There are three kinds of non-skippable ads on YouTube:

  1. Pre-Roll Ads

    These ads run before the actual video. They are short clips with an instant message and tagline to attract the audience towards brand.

  2. Mid-Roll Ads

    These kinds of ads will run during the video and generally occur in videos that last longer than ten minutes duration. There may be more than one mid-roll ad in a video which is quite long.

  3. Bumper Ads

    This ad is played at the end of the video and their purpose is to capture the viewers. It is used to convert long ads into 6 second promotions by recycling long ads.

From a cost point of view, delivering non-skippable ads are effective in generating high brand awareness in the market which is meant to be targeted.

These ads are charged on a per mile basis, which provides ad spend many flexible options.

Do YouTubers Get Paid if You Skip the Ad?

Advertisers and content creators have to face loss if the viewers of YouTube do not watch non-skippable ads.

Low income means that content creators will find it difficult to keep up with their shows and eventually their channels may shut down.

If we talk for the long run, this will also indicate depriving other viewers of sources of information of interest to them.

Should You Skip the YouTube Ad That Appears?

You should not skip the YouTube Ads that appear in the video.

To promote your favorite channel you should give your contribution by watching YouTube ads, they will appreciate you in the long run for sure.

Viewing the ad does not cost you anything and it will only take a few seconds or a few minutes of your day and in return your content creators will keep you constantly entertained and informed.

So the next time when advertisement interferes in the video and you feel like to skip it, then think about those content creators who do their best to give you quality videos and how much do they cost for this work.

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